TV Woman: The Game

TV Woman is a game that breaks the mold. You play as the protagonist, a woman with a TV for a head, navigating through a world that’s both familiar and bizarre.

Gameplay Mechanics

The gameplay is a mix of platforming and exploration, with a twist. Your TV head displays different channels that affect the world around you. Switching between channels alters your environment and unlocks new paths and secrets.

Unique Challenges

Each level introduces new challenges that require creative thinking. You’ll need to master channel switching to solve environmental puzzles and dodge obstacles. It’s not just about jumping and running; it’s about knowing when to change the channel.

Vibrant Worlds

The game’s worlds are vibrant and full of life, with each level drawing inspiration from different TV genres. From cartoons to news broadcasts, the variety keeps the gameplay fresh and engaging.

Why Play TV Woman?

TV Woman is perfect for players looking for something out of the ordinary. It offers a unique blend of strategy and platforming, set in a world that’s as weird as it is wonderful. If you’re after a game that offers more than just running and jumping, TV Woman is worth checking out.

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